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Understand this. Dear Straight Woman on Lesbian Tinder,

Understand this. Dear Straight Woman on Lesbian Tinder,

Dear Directly Woman on Lesbian Tinder,

Hey you — the cis, white, quirky woman that is demonstrably associated with a committed, monogamous, heterosexual relationship, it is “new to your town” and “looking for friends” — get off of my Tinder. I’m perhaps perhaps maybe not joking. Keep (move out) in order to find someplace else become that isn’t my feed. That’s right. Click on the fire that is little in your Rose iPhone, discover the settings web web page, and thumb your french-manicured little little little finger right down to “Delete Account”. Whenever it asks why you’d prefer to leave, key in, “Because i will be scum.”

Because do you know what, Brittani or Megann or Taylor Swift or whatever name your likely-just-as-nauseating-parents christened you with? Literally no body else is on Tinder to find pals that are platonic. Why? As it makes no sense that is logical.

And also you know very well what you might have not considered, Laurie or Tori or Tuesdays with Morrie? It really is difficult to be described as a lesbian. It certainly, certainly is. He lured you to with a trail of Rolling Rock cans and a vague promise to be faithful, you probably only really had to worry about whether to use medium or magnum condoms when you met Chad or Brad or Thad or Dad or whatever your Ken-doll-incarnate is called in whatever glorified-cave-of-a-frat-house. Continuer la lecture de Understand this. Dear Straight Woman on Lesbian Tinder,